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Festival of Mehr: Fire

February 26: Festival of Mehr
Armenian God of Fire

According to Armenian Legends and Festivals, by Louis Angelo Boettiger, the Festival of Mehr is celebrated on February 26, the coming of Spring. During the festiv abal, a pile of shrubs, cane, and straw were set ablaze by the priest from the church fire. Once blessed, the fire was used to light the candles of the participants who would bring the fire back to their homes. Once home, they would use the fire to light a pile of shrubs and wood, at which time they would dance and sing around the fire. The ashes would be blessed and sprinkled around the house and garden.

Prophecies: If the fire and smoke blew to the East, it was a sign of a good harvest for the following year. To the west, a poor harvest to come.

Photo: Armenian Pantheon of Gods, Mount Nemrud in the Armenian Highlands. Mehr blessing the Armenian King.
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