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Armenian Ankara (Angora) and Agriculture

Journey Through Asia Minor, Armenia, and Koordistan in the Years 1813 and 1814
Sir John MacDonald Kinneir

The pashalic of Angora (Ankara) is about one hundred miles in length and sixty in breadth; it is rick in fruits and pasturage, although, compared with the neighboring provice on Changra, it produces but a very small quantity of corn. Bread is consequently both scarce and dear; but this evil might be obviated by importation, did not the Pasha vest in himself the exclusive monopoy of the flour, by purchasing from the cultivators of the land all the corn grown within the limits of his jurisdiction, for the purpose of retailing it at an advanced price to the people. It was the same with every other necessary of life, so that any person desirous of procuring a small quantity of salt or rice could only purchase it an an enormous price from the Pasha's storehouses, or privately from the Armenians, who were fearful of exposing their merchandize for sale in the bazars. 
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