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Armenian was the Secretary General of the Turkish Language Institution

The official regulatory body of the Turkish language. The head specialist and Secretary General of the institution was the Turkish Armenian linguist Agop Dilaçar from its inception. 

Azerbaijan is fast losing its native turk dialect in favor of Turkish, the language of Turkey. There are many Armenian placenames that continue to be replaced by Turkish names to erase the history of Armenians in the Armenian plateau. Some examples include the Armenian city of Papert, which has been turkified to Bayburt, which causes the placenames to lose their original historical context. 

Pert means castle in Armenian and refers to the castle in Papert. 

Baghesh, an Armenian city may refer to the name Bagh (cold) Esh (donkey), a reference to the origin of the city in which a donkey that went astray was found in the spring, having frozen in the cold winter. 
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