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Martini Rifle: The Guns that Massacred Armenians in Saimbeyli Hadjin

Lest the current residents of Turkish Saimbeyli forget the massacres of the Armenians. Armenians were killed en masse in Hadjin (Saimbeyli) and their properties and houses still occupied by the families of the killers. The Martini Rifle was used to kill innocent Armenians in Hadjin. 
It was reported that the plan of the massacre was to rush upon Hadjin on Sunday morning when nearly the entire population would be congregated in the churches. The city would be set on fire, the church buildings and congregations burned and the remaining few could soon be wiped out.
A band of Armenians went to Roomloo to rescue the belongings of the refugees if possible, but the Moslems were pillaging the Christian houses and hauling cart loads of provisions away to their own villages. Later on all these houses were burned. There were about two hundred Turks there with Memoush Oghlou and his son at the head of the pillagers.
Urgent telegrams were now sent to all quarters. On Monday the Armenians sought help from the government and asked the judge and a few soldiers to accompany them to Roomloo to disperse the Turks, and to rescue the Christians' property.
When only a short distance from the town one of these soldiers fled, which alarmed the Armenians, and thereupon they demanded that the soldiers exchange weapons with them, for the soldiers were armed with Martini rifles of American manufacture which carried bullets twice as far as the little rifles in the Armenians' possession. About a dozen of these rifles were given to the Armenians by the soldiers with the judge's consent . The Armenians feared the soldiers, and they and the judge feared the Armenians. Consequently both soldiers and Armenians returned to Hadjin, and the judge continued his journey alone. Instead of preventing the Turks from attacking the town, he is said to have encouraged them."
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