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Photo of Sultan Abdul Hamid II: Turkish history lesson on the Killer of Armenians

Repatriate Armenians to Eastern Turkey, the Heart of the Armenian Highlands.

"The outbreak began on the 12th November and was permitted to continue for seven days during this bloody week about 1,200 Armenians and 10 Turks were killed Suddenly at noon as if at a given signal the Turkish laborers seized their tools clubs or whatever was at hand soldiers Circassians and police with their arms all under command of officersmaided by the Moslem women and children rushed to the market to begin their dreadful work of killing stripping the dead and looting the houses No resistance was made by the Armenians who seemed overpowered in the suddenness of the onslaught the number of their armed assailants and the relentless ferocity with which they were pursued to their death The shops of the Armenian merchants whether wholesale or retail were looted by the rioters and soldiers Many of the merchants and their clerks were killed thus at one blow the Armenian element was eliminated from the trade at Sivas As the importing business had been in their hands almost exclusively it is difficult to foresee anything to avert the impending financial disaster The Armenian villagers in that vicinity have been robbed of everything and the people are left to beg and die A gentleman in high official standing who has had unusual opportunities for information uses the following language with regard to this affair Don t be deceived by any of the silly government statements which attribute all these massacres to Armenians It was a deliberate plan on the part of the government to punish the Armenians The Sultan was irritated because he was forced to give them reforms so he has had 7,000 Armenians killed to show his power since he signed the scheme of reforms The government has smashed some Turkish shop windows to show that the Armenians did it Food was scarce everything was carried ..."
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