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Chemical Composition of Armenian Lakes: Lake Van

SAMPLES of water from Lakes Van Nazik Bulama Gop and from two lakes in the Nimrud crater were collected by us carefully sealed and submitted as soon as possible to the late Mr William Thorp B Sc for analysis Unfortunately the samples were not large enough to permit of more than a single analysis in each case estimating the various constituents in succession Hence it was not possible to examine for ammonia or organic matter or for certain compounds of which slight traces may have been present With regard to Lake Van three previous analyses of its water have been made at various times and the following tables have been prepared in order to facilitate comparison LAKE VAN Quantities of solids in solution estimated in parts per 100,000 parts of water.

Lake Van holds treasures of the proto-Armenian Urartians and the Armenian people. The famous citadel of Van is an Armenian castle on the banks of Lake Van. 
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