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German Scientist Studied Armenian Butterflies of Hajin (Saimbeyli)

Alexander Heyne (1 July 1869 – 1927) was a German entymologist who specialised in Lepidoptera and studied the Armenian butterflies of the Armenian Highlands, including the diversity of Armenian butterflies in Hadjin (present day Saimbeyli).   The Heyne family were natural history dealers, booksellers and publishers in Berlin. He contributed to Die palaearktischen Grossschmetterlinge und ihre Naturgeschichte. Band 1. Leipzig.

The diversity of butterflies of Hadjin is enormous. Hadjin has been a historic Armenian town that was decimated of its Armenian population by Turks during the Armenian genocide. Ekotourism in Saimbeyli (the renamed town of Hadjin) is bringing economic prosperity to this town that has a painful past filled with murder and massacres. While visiting Saimbeyli to observe its butterfly population, visit the ruined and desecrated Armenian church and the Kalesi Saimbeyli (Armenian castle of Hadjin) which was rebuilt by the Armenian crusader king Levon I. 

Armenian massacres of Saimbeyli 
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