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Saimbeyli Belediyesi: Armenian Massacres

Armenians were decimated and massacred en masse in the town of Saimbeyli (Formerly known as Hadjin). The homes of the Armenians were abandoned after the massacres and were repopulated by the current inhabitants. Armenians refer to the town as Bloody Saimbeyli because of the horrific massacres perpetrated in 1915. Local residents are still haunted by the bloody tragedies but there is still no mention of the murders do to governmental pressure. 

Eyewitness Accounts of Bloody Massacres of Armenians by Turks in Moosh: 
Dec. 22, 1894. You may believe most all that the papers say about the mountains west of Moosh. I wrote you giving you a few more authenticated details. I hope that letter reached you. I give the outline here again. In August the Armenians were declared in rebellion. The regular soldiers and Hamedichs were ordered to the spot. Orders were issued from Constantinople to put down the rebellion. Both regulars and Hamedii'hs were used. The massacre began after the middle of August—about the 18th—and continued to about the 10th of September. The safe estimates put the number of victims at about four thousand, not less than three thousand five hundred, and, in all probability, more than four thousand.
Men, women, and children were most barbarously slaughtered—unnamable outrages were perpetrated on all. The less horrible outrages were some of the following: bayoneting the men, and in this wounded condition either burying or burning them ; outraging women and then dispatching them with bayonets or swords; ripping up pregnant women; impaling infants and children on the bayonet, or dispatching them with the sword; houses fired, and the inmates driven back into the flames.
The unspeakable horror of those three weeks must have sent many a one crazy. The story is told that one soldier found a comely infant and took compassion on it and wished to save it. The mother was found in a crowd of poor, wretched women, but she was raving, calling for her children. She did not recognize the child, and nothing was left to the soldier but to dispatch it.
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