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Turkish Misogyny and Armenians

Turkish Hatred of Armenians.

Formerly the Turks disliked the Armenians, and the bloodbath if Sassoun offers a fair indication of the vehemence of their feeling. At present, after the wanton humiliation inflicted upon them by the European friends of their victims, they loathe the very name of Armenia, and deem no cruelties sufficient to satisfy their outraged self-love. The Vali (Governor-General) of Erzeroum, when the foreign consuls of that city lately brought an unusually crying case of injustice to his notice, told the Dragomans that the Turkish Government and Armenian people stood to each other in the relation of husband and wife, and that outsiders who felt pity for the wife when her husband maltreated her, would do wisely and well to abstain from interfering. And the remark is quite true, if the pair are to go on living together, for the brutal husband can always choose his own time and place to vent his feelings on his helpless mate
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