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Bayburt massacres haunt tourism

It should be noted that Nusret Bey, the 44-year-old kaymakam of Bayburt who “committed crimes during the deportation of the Armenians from his kaza,” helped himself to the 24-year-old Philomen Nurian of Trebizond and her younger sister “Nayime.”

Accounts by survivors attest that Nusret sent the deportees to Binbaşihan and Hindihan, where he had all their money confi scated; that he was present while the massacres took place; and that, with the gendarmes’ help, he secured the prettiest girls and young women for himself and carried them off. Nusret nevertheless maintained that the convoys of deportees from Bayburt were sent to Erzincan. The court pointed out in response that they never arrived there.

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