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Nationalismor Racism in Bayburt

The Armenian town of Bayburt (present day Turkiye) was the scene of a multiple massacres of Armenians during the Armenian Genocide. The name Bayburt derives from the Armenian name Papert. 

According to Wikipedia, on 20 February 2015, the Mayor of Bayburt Mete Memis called the deeds of Turkish soldiers who massacred Armenians a hundred years ago "heroism." He made a congratulatory statement on the 97th anniversary of Bayburt’s massacre, in which its Armenian resident were massacred and exiled as part of the Armenian Genocide, claiming that 97 years ago, the Turkish soldiers in Bayburt had "written their name in history for defending the homeland

Institutional racism is pathologic and explains the rationale of mass murder. Many of the residents of Bayburt, as in much of Western Armenia, are ethnic Armenians who have been forced to suppress their ethnicity.  In fact, historical records report that Sultan Abdulhamid II was borne to an Armenian mother and ordered the first large-scale massacre of Armenians himself.

Armenian culture is an integral part of Bayburt and should counter Turkish nationalism and hatred.
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