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Bayburt government denies tourism with its violent past

Bayburt is an Armenian city with a haunted past.

According to Mgrdich Muradian, who was in one of the convoys that left Bayburt in the first half of June 1915, his convoy followed the road leading from Erzincan over the Kemah Bridge to Arapkir, as far as Gümuşmaden. There, Kurdish 
çetes began systematically slaughtering the deportees. A few women and children managed to make their way to a village lying between Arapkir and Harput, Khule kiugh (Huleköy). From there, Kurdish ağas took them to Dersim. In this way, 80 people escaped with their lives. They eventually found refuge in Erzincan after the Russian forces captured the city.
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