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Accounts of killings in Armenians occured all over the Armenian plateau: Bayburt Should Repatriate Armenians

"CESAREA December 2d 1895 At last the storm has struck us and the horror of the past three days is beyond description On Saturday at about 2 PM one of our school boys rushed into my room crying The destruction has begun I hastened to our roof and saw the scene which has so often been enacted of late Turks beating and killing every Armenian on whom they could lay their hands Much of the fiendish work was carried on from the roofs of the houses for here in Cesarea a large portion of the houses have flat mud roofs and one can go nearly everywhere on the roofs they being practically continuous Turks swarmed over the houses breaking in doors and windows stoning beating cutting shooting whoever opposed them and many who did not I succeeded several times in turning back the crowd from the roofs immediately adjoining our house but beyond that I could do nothing They evidently had strict orders to let us alone No special guard was sent to our house but by calling upon passing soldiers I got temporary men stationed near our door but they would stay but a few minutes then were off to have their share in the business However we suffered no harm but on the contrary succeeded in protecting many whose houses were attacked They came rushing over the roofs and up the ladder which I placed for them until we had over sixty people under our narrow roof Later they had 109 The strain was terrible for three hours but after sundown it gradually quieted Firing on the mob by the troops was absolutely forbidden until special orders to fire were received from Constantinople This order was delayed till about sunset I have this direct from soldiers and believe it to be true From sunset on I give the government credit for making honest attempts to restore quiet On Sunday AM there was considerable disturbance quieted by noon I then succeeded in getting two soldiers to accompany me to the governor he gave me six men for a guard This morning again there was disturbance and a house near was attacked but my men drove them away The worst was at evening and seems to be past but what has been passes description To day...

Horrible crimes against Armenians occured in Bayburt and Trebizond.
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