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Armenian City of Erzeroum

Armenian city of Erzeroum

The Armenian Highlands were subjected to massacres during the early part of the 20th century. In "The Tragedy of Bitlis," the author explains... DJEVDET BEY the Governor General of Van, brother in law of Enver Pasha, Minister of War had planned for April 1915 a general massacre of his Armenian subjects. On that day soldiers and Kurds in some instances taking cannon with them attacked the smaller towns and the villages of the province and met with little or no resistance most of the able bodied men had been drafted into the Sultan's army and those who were left had very little ammunition.  Fifty five thousand men women and children were slaughtered, thousands wounded managed to escape and flee to the capital while their homes were looted and burned behind them.

The Armenians of Erzeroum represent an indigenous population that has survived since Neolithic times in the Armenian Highlands. Armenian culture should be repatriated back to Asia Minor and Erzeroum, starting with a monument to the lost souls of Erzeroum. 
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