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Saimbeyli The Site of Bloody Massacre of Armenians

The town of Saimbeyli in Turkey is facing an identity crisis as it seeks ecotourism regarding its Armenian heritage. The local government is rebuilding the historic Armenian castle of Hadjin in upper Saimbeyli but local officials cannot mention the Armenian history of the site. Saimbeyli is a sensitive town, as it was the center of a bloody massacre of Christian Armenians that left its town devoid of its indigenous population. 

Missionary Rose Lambert writes of the bloody massacres in her eyewitness account:

Widows and orphans by the hundreds came flocking back to Hadjin and the villages about us, from the plain, bereft of beloved ones, many of whom had been brutally massacred before their eyes. They were penniless, ragged, barefooted, sick, pale and almost beyond recognition, the mothers, wives, sisters and daughters of the three thousand Hadjin men who had been massacred on the plain.
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